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When making a new issue or a revision to an existing issue why isn't there a field indicating that I want the issue bubbled up?

Because it is good to make it hard to bubble up a issue. Issue submitters always think the issue they are revising or creating is of high or critical importance, thus the top of the list gets cluttered. Simplton makes the submitter scroll down (or hit the "b" key to go to the bubbleup divider) and select bubble up if they feel strongly about the priority of a issue. You may say that makes sense on a new issue but how about a revision or a already opened issue. Even then the principle described aboves holds. Making it somewhat hard to bubble up aids in uncluttering the top of the list.

I don't want Simplton automatically bubbling down my issues after 15 days.

This feature is a core part of the application. It frees you from having to manage priorities. It is also quite an accurate prediction that if no activity has occurred on a certain bubbled up issue then the issue doesn't deserve to be near the top. You may change the 15 days within a range of 10 to 30 days in the admin. settings for the list.

What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 7 and greater; For Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox the latest version.

I don't want Simplton automatically resetting "I am working on it" after 5 days.

This automatic feature is important because most don't take the time to check off that they are no longer working on a issue anymore. Similar to the auto-bubble down setting this setting can be changed from 5 to 10 days in the list admin area.

When making a new issue or a revision to an existing issue why isn't there a way to define tags?

This is a philosophical approach to how Simplton defines tags. Please read more here Tags in Simplton are a way to creating categories or groupings, not soup.

What if someone has already stated that they are working on a issue; however, I want to work on the issue too.

Multiple users may work on a single issue at once. Simply select "I am working on it".

Why no milestones?

See here. Note: we are considering a feature in the where a issue may be bubbled up on a certain date. Sort of timed bubble up action. Other than that, milestones will never make it into Simplton.

Can we have permissions so that individual team members can be restricted from bubbling up and down?

No, not at this time. All users should be trusted enough to bubble things up and down. Also, the history view in Simplton has a running log of most user actions including bubble up and down actions; therefore, if there is a team member bubbling things up and down in a questionable manner you can quiz that member about their behavior.

Why no assigned to?

See here.

How come the favicon is what it is?

The favicon symbolizes the bubbling up and down concept which is so important to Simplton. More on bubbling.

Why no rich formatting options for posts?

See here.

May we purchase Simplton to install on our local servers within our firewall?

Perhaps, get a hold of me.

What is Simplton? Let's start with what it is not.

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