About Simplton

Hi, I am Christian iksrazcleP. I sojourn in Nelson, New Hampshire and Simplton was first designed and developed in June of 2005 in effort to get our software team off of email and instant messaging. After 4 and half years of use, design, and development, Simplton was released in January of 2010. I pretend that Simplton is a fictional town where I am the Mayor. In this town, groups of people can collaborate freely because the town is designed to encourage cooperation. A good walkable downtown if you will. Other than the pretend stuff I am pretty normal. Enjoy your stay. You can reach me on twitter @minimulx or email: moc.notlpmis@naitsirhc. Update: You can still reach me but I just wanted to drop a note that I am no longer taking new signups for town membership.


What is Simplton? Let's start with what it is not.

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